Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update From Glenview

April 29, 2010

As we write this blog, we understand why Chicago is known as "The Windy City." We are in the living room where my computer sits with the windows wide open since it is such a beautiful day. Papers are flying everywhere and it looks like a bomb just went off in here. We are waiting to pick them all up when we are finished and leaving this room. Who knows if we will find them all. It is in the 70's with sunshine and low humidity, so just great. Wish we were at a Cubs game today. I don't even know if they are playing here this afternoon. I was out this morning for quite a while on a trip to the library. We took out about 6 books, a few for us, and 3 for my brother. He is into an author by the name of Orson Scott Card and loves the ones he has read so far. We took out one too to try. Hope we like it as much as he does. We had something happen to us in the library parking lot that frequently occurs. We parked in a handicapped space and before my mom could deploy the ramp a car pulled into the yellow lines next to us and parked. We asked him to please move his car as we could not get out with him there. He was quite annoyed saying he was waiting for someone to come out. My mom looked at him and said, " and ....?" He begrudgingly moved his car and we went in to the library. Then ... when we were walking to the car, ANOTHER person pulled into the same double lined space. This time a woman in a flashy convertible on her cell phone. We approached her as she was getting out of her car and asked her to please pull out of that space. She said "I will only be a few minutes. Just going in to drop something off." We just stood there, dumbfounded and finally my mom could speak again. She said, I mean right now! Another indignant sigh and expression of disgust looked back at us. So much for a relaxing trip to the library. We used to think the North Shore was a pretty nice place to live, but lately, we are beginning to agree with my dad who has wanted to move away from here for a very long time. We hate to say and think that as this has been our home for 25 years. Very sad ... This was not supposed to be a depressing blog and we apologize. Just felt the need to get it out there and maybe someone will read this and pass the thought to another and another, to be a little more considerate and think about someone other than yourself. That's it! Actually, the people who are reading this blog are our friends and do not behave like this. They are not the ones who need to read this rant.

On a lighter note, we have had a good week. We had lunch with very good friends on Monday and Tuesday, so that was the highlight so far. My dad is working on our minivan right now trying to repair the sliding door handle, so we are stuck here for awhile. I think we will go out for a walk soon. We are still trying to figure out how to post pictures, but have not gotten too far yet. We were able to change the colors, so that is the first step.

Hope everyone has a great day. We look forward to reading the blogs we love so much!


  1. How frustrating and disrespectful!

  2. You guys should both read the Orson Scott Card books when he's finished with them if you haven't already... Just make sure you read "Ender's Shadow" first!

    That business about the parking lot definitely makes me angry. The sense of entitlement people seem to carry around with them infuriates me. Perhaps you guys should start packing an aluminum bat for trips to the library, I'm betting a few whacks to the hood of that convertible should get people like that moving in the right direction!